The Home Depot, Clear Demand & IDC share a stage at NRF, 2 pm January 11, to reveal the latest thinking on omnichannel & evolved pricing strategies. If you plan to attend NRF, please join us. Learn more about the speech. If you cannot attend, contact us at for slides. An excerpt from the session description:

Now that shoppers can check prices whenever they want, retailers need a dynamic pricing strategy that operates seamlessly across all channels – from kiosks and stores to online and mobile. What are the new pricing realities and how can retailers develop a strategy that meets the needs of customers yet is sustainable?

The speaking panel will also include David Sefcik, National Institute of Standards & Technology, to explain the relevance of unit pricing in the context of omnichannel retail. In this presentation, Clear Demand intends to explain:

  1. Why today’s omnichannel approach is obsolete and unsustainable, and
  2. Omnichannel innovations which help retailers compete effectively without the guesswork.

Clear Demand recently announced omnichannel demand management (ODM) as an evolved approach for omnichannel retail. See our white paper. The benefits of ODM include:

  • Increased precision in predicting consumer demand
  • Improved response (speed) to competitive pricing
  • Increased automation & improved consistency
  • Increased transparency

The current technologies which underpin ODM include:

  • Big data analytics | Evolved price optimization & demand models | Automated retail price management | Dynamic Pricing | Merchant Alerts | Adaptive Architecture