NRF Blog HeaderIt’s the best show of the year. NRF is retail’s most important business & technology extravaganza that forges new relationships, rekindles face-to-face friendships and showcases the best in the industry. We love it, despite the frenzy of actions and activities – before, during and afterwards. And it’s well worth every minute.

So how can you make the most of it? We share insights from various NRF veterans. Enjoy the tips. And hopefully, we’ll see you at the show, booth #431. Please stop by.

The Javits Convention Center Address. Add to your address book!

The Jacob K. Javits Convention Center of New York   
655 West 34th Street
New York, NY 10001
Tel: 212 216-2000

Make A Quick Photocopy, Now! How many times do you need a quick copy – or hundred for that matter? Practically every vendor colleague I know is hunting for a FedEx Office copy center at the ninth hour. Need directions to copy centers closest to the Javits Center? Here you go:

Coffee Please. Ditto. To quickly get that coffee needed to revive your heartbeat and trigger an early morning smile, try these Javits-area coffee shops: 

Tips from Leading At-Show News Editors. Insights on what retailers should expect from vendors and what editors expect from vendors?  We asked several editors/reporters to give us some advice. We received two excellent responses. Buckle up, they keep it real: 


Joe Skorupa
Group Editor-in-Chief, RIS News


“Don’t do demos! No one has enough time to go through a software or hardware demo. Focus on marketing messages that can be delivered in a few minutes. Tell why the solution is different from others. Highlight distinctive benefits. And communicate what perspectives you learned from retailers that led to the development of the solution and how retailers are using it now (or will use it soon). Be as specific about retailer examples as possible even if the retailer cannot be named.”


rtpdebDebbie Hauss
Editor-in-Chief, RetailTouchPoints


Debbie offered a plethora of advice, starting with two key action items to avoid: Try to avoid sending a meeting request within a few days before the event; and try to avoid trying to reach the editor by phone or email while the event is going on. “Most of us have back-to-back meetings scheduled and will not be able to respond to emails or calls, especially meeting requests that come in while the event is going on.”

Other tips from Debbie:

      • Think about the type of information that will help the editor, such as meeting with a customer, research stats, etc.
      • Set up one one-on-one meetings with customers!
      • If you met with a publication/editor several times already within the last year, it may not be necessary to meet this time … be sure that you are providing some new, relevant information if you are asking to meet with the editor again within a short period of time.
      • Don’t expect editors to be able to attend a cocktail party or evening event on a night when there are many others going on at the same time.
      • Have a comfortable place for us to sit during our meeting. It’s difficult to stand, hold all our stuff and take notes at the same time.
      • Printed material is not necessarily the best takeaway at a large, multi-day event. (Donate the money saved from that expense to a deserving environmental charity!)
      • Be interested in what we do and be aware of what our publication is all about.
      • Send a nice thank-you email within a few days after the event.
      • Connect via LinkedIn; and follow us and our brand on Twitter.
      • Don’t keep us past the allotted time.
      • Be friendly; have a sense of humor; it’s good to establish a relationship by talking about topics other than business for a few minutes.​

The Portable Power Source. It never fails (or always does) … The mobile phone hits red and finding an extra power outlet at Javits is like finding a winning lottery ticket. Don’t forget to pack a couple of extra portable power sources. Life savers! 

What advice do YOU have for those attending the show this year? Please share on Twitter, @ClearDemand.

See you soon! 

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