Thought Leadership. Retail Pricing Strategy Series.

Clear Demand is committed to providing clarity and meaningful information as an innovative thought leader. Accepting the status quo is not sustainable in retail or in the pricing technology that supports retail. We accept that and the role we choose to play in advancing industry thought leadership – sometimes contrary to popular opinion. Our mission is to help retailers compete more effectively. We are pleased to announce our Retail Pricing Strategy Series. This content series is dedicated to addressing the most current pricing strategy concerns posed by retailers; providing honest commentary and challenging the status quo.

Volume #1:

Play by the Rules: how should optimization systems solve, report  and manage pricing rules?

Retail pricing rules are more important today than ever to enforce a retailer’s price strategy, compete effectively and deliver a consistent shopping experience. How rules are handled inside optimization solutions is critical. Optimization cannot be solved 1st and rules solved 2nd – as it has been done for years – otherwise rules violations will proliferate; pricing inconsistencies will occur and same-store sales will erode.

Volume #6: Exercising Retail Price Leadership

Volume #2:

Big Data Converges with OmniChannel Retailing for Competitive advantage.

Big data is a game-changer because of its connection to OmniChannel retailing. Today, OmniChannel shoppers use catalogs, blogs, review websites, comparison shopping engines and then shop in-store, at kiosks, on your website, and use multiple devices including computers, tablets and smart phones – often within the same shopping transaction. This interaction of devices and channels has expanded the customer data available and data management challenge and yet holds the key to creating an interconnected shopping experience which drives loyalty and sales.

Volume #2: Big Data Converges with OmniChannel Retailing for Competitive advantage.

Volume #3:

Markdown Optimization Demands a Seasonal Facelift – Omni-Style.

What has changed is the need for an OmniChannel pricing architecture that rationalized prices online and in-store, dynamically neutralizes Amazon’s competitive incursions, and provides more flexibility and scalability for increasingly localized and granular markdown budgets and programs. We propose that the new toolset for Markdown Pricing includes lifecycle demand modeling, and OmniChannel rules engine, competitive price surveillance, integrated budgeting and strategy, constrained optimization , and merchandise analytics and reporting. The focus of this paper is to elevate the primary considerations for markdown pricing strategy en route to competing more effectively.

Volume #3: Markdown Optimization Demands a Seasonal Facelift – Omni-Style

Volume #4:

Competitive Pricing in OmniChannel Retail. What are you missing?

Mobile and online technologies have changed the competitive landscape by providing consumers broader assortment choices with increased price transparency. This disruption has altered the basis of competition in favor of assortment and price and prompted in some cases indiscriminate price matching. A competitive response is imperative, but with whom, where and on which products? In other words, we need to rethink how we compete on price and assortment in a changed retail economy. In this paper we explore the pitfalls of price matching and introduce new important merchandising questions for competing effectively in OmniChannel retail.

Volume #4: Competitive Pricing in OmniChannel Retail. What are you missing?

Volume #5:

Managing Consumer Demand and Competition across Channels

Online transparency (price & product) enabled by online/mobile technology has created an “always-on” shopping experience for consumers which has altered the basis of competition in retail. Retailers today require an integrated approach for assortment, price & promotions across channels, which is more “demand-driven”, responsive to competition and takes a single view of the OmniChannel enterprise. OmniChannel Demand Management (ODM) is a new category of solutions which answers the needs for this evolving retail supply chain so consumers enjoy a seamless shopping experience and retailers compete effectively.

Volume #2: Big Data Converges with OmniChannel Retailing for Competitive advantage.

Volume #6:

Exercising Retail Price Leadership

The popularity of price matching jumped 187.5% during the 2014 holiday sales season. If this trend continues, how will retailers compete effectively and maintain profitability? Recent technology advances allow retailers to differentiate themselves, build customer loyalty and exercise price leadership – not simply adopt a “follower” strategy. In this paper we investigate omnichannel retail pricing practices, redefine important industry concepts and affirm retailers that price leadership is possible.

Volume #6: Exercising Retail Price Leadership

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