Setting and maintaining the right strategy and prices across channels just became more transparent and much easier!

In retail today, online transparency has changed the game, creating more product choices and more competitors. However, this same online transparency can be turned into competitive advantage by taking a data-driven approach to merchandising, which is demand-based and responsive to competition. 

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Clear Demand supports OmniChannel, eCommerce, Brick & Mortar retailers with software solutions for:

  • Rules-based pricing
  • Regular price optimization
  • Promotion price optimization
  • Markdown price optimization & clearance pricing
  • Dynamic competitive pricing
  • Merchandise and assortment analytics

And services for:

  • Store zone analysis
  • Key Value Item (KVI) analysis
  • Product line analysis & optimization

Clear Demand’s mission is to help retailers compete more effectively. We make technology more transparent and usable and simplify retail price strategy; all on a big data analytics platform which can be adapted to your business!

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 “ Our commitment to creating an interconnected customer experience requires that we align ourselves with nimble innovators who can meet our evolving solution needs. This commitment requires that we provide tools that fit with the way our merchants work and get data to the point of decision quickly. Clear Demand has demonstrated a unique ability to support the flexibility required to maintain this commitment.” 

– Hal Lawton, Senior Vice President, The Home Depot.

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