Competitive Pricing

Know where to compete.

Clear Demand automates competitive price comparisons, and alerts merchants when existing prices deviate from competitive pricing rules. This is combined with an industry-first competitive cross-elasticity model for a dynamic competitive pricing solution.

Why is it important?

Deliver a consistent price image based on the products your shoppers are consuming

Competitive price gaps send a message to your shoppers which support your intended price image or not.

Shoppers gauge a retailer’s price competitiveness based on a few items

Shoppers measure value and make basket decisions based on how you price their most price-sensitive items.

Across the board price matches are un-necessary

Do you know which items you really need to be at parity with your competition?

The price gap itself between yours and competitors’ prices can drive unit movement

New research and pricing intelligence reveals an important relationship between competitive price gaps and your sales.

Why now?

Competitive price data is a commodity available from numerous vendors making dynamic competitive pricing more feasible.

Big data architecture allows retailers to consume and process more data, faster.

Competitive Pricing: Part of Clear Demand’s Complete Lifecycle Pricing Solution.

Align pricing with shopper preferences & strategy across channels.

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