Retail Strategy Services

Big Data Analytics Combined with Current Retail Pricing Science = Value

Clear Demand understands today that retailers have processes and systems in place and yet still need strategic analyses which can leverage those investments and deliver demonstrable value. The key to value lies within a retailer’s data together and requires big data analytics to unlock that value. Value is measured in customer loyalty and margins. Utilizing its big data platform and evolved data science, Clear Demand delivers five retail strategy services:

Store Clustering Service

Analyzes sales data and demand patterns across the retail chain and recommends store clusters which help align prices with localized demand patterns. Benefit: more consistent, rational pricing.

Category Role Assignment Service

Analyzes sales data and demand patterns in conjunction with relevant metrics (competitive price, gross margin %, promotional activity, etc.) and recommends how to group products by category strategy (traffic generation, turf protection, profit generation, etc.), consistent with customer demand. Benefit: improved category performance.

Product Line Optimization Service

Analyzes item-level data for private label gaps, product line relationships (e.g. good, better, best) and competitive price gaps and recommends changes necessary to maintain product parity and price relationships. Benefit: improved price image.

Key Value Item (KVI) Service

Analyzes sales data to reveal item-level sensitivity to price change and recommends prices which align with a number of metrics including competitive prices, profit and revenue. Benefit: more consistent, rational pricing.

Market Price Index Service

Analyzes sales data to reveal price index for each product inside its respective geographic market area (zone); identifies products which are inconsistent with their market-level price index and recommends appropriate price corrections. Benefit: improved price image.

Clear Demand Complete Lifecycle Solution

Compete effectively across all channels, generate additional margins.

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