Get Instant, State-of-the-Art Image Recognition

For Real-Time Retail Analytics

Are you able to confirm with certainty whether your activations and campaigns have been executed successfully? Do the actual outcomes of your displays, associate trainings, and other initiatives align with your expectations? If not, let CLEARDEMAND provide you with leading-edge product execution tools to identify compliance issues and prioritize team activities, ensuring the accurate implementation of your strategies.


CLEARDEMAND transforms C-Stores by boosting brand loyalty and maximizing customer lifetime value through seamless digital and physical integration.

Achieve Higher Conversions

Through Strategic Price Positioning


No More Manual Pricing

Automate discounts and rebates to boost underperforming product performance.

Drive Conversions Effortlessly

Integrate your catalog with Machine Learning for effective sales campaigns.


Maximize Profitability

Use CLEARDEMAND’s pricing simulation tools to to boost profit margins.

Increase Retention & Loyalty

Maximize your loyalty program with customized offers.

Analyze Business Data for Quick Pricing Insights and Actionable Results!

Why Choose Us?

Data-Driven Insights that Increase Gross Margins

Convenience stores are changing rapidly, and smart leaders seek new strategies to boost traffic, profits, and market share. CLEARDEMAND is a trusted partner, offering data-driven insights and solutions to help you optimize promotions, expand your market basket, and increase gross margin.

Intelligent Pricing Solutions

With CLEARDEMAND's intelligent pricing solutions, you can address various pricing aspects like Everyday, Promotion, Food Service, and Markdown Pricing. These solutions are backed by advanced science and tailored analytics for competitive and rule-based pricing. They seamlessly work across mobile, online, and in-store channels. Price recommendations leverage a deep understanding of shopper demand and advanced optimization techniques for effective competition.

Competitive and Rule-Based Pricing

Our experienced business analysts specialize in the convenience store industry. We can help you attract more grocery trips, capture routine purchases, and create excitement around price-sensitive items. CLEARDEMAND provides a competitive and consistent pricing strategy that differentiates you, fosters loyalty, and positions you as a market leader. Schedule a product demo today to learn more.

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