Evolved Pricing for any Retail Category

Configured to meet the unique requirements of your business.

Clear Demand’s pricing innovations provide value across the supply chain for physical and digital-first retailers. Success begins with access to big data analytics and continuous machine learning that converts data into insights your pricing professionals access on a daily basis.

While the underlying data model and machine intelligence are universal, each channel of trade requires specifically-adapted business best practices, configurations and rule sets. Clear Demand has a track record of success working with diverse Grocery, Convenience and General Merchandise retailers. CPG manufacturers use our solution to collaborate with their retail partners.

Align and optimize prices across a large, fast-moving assortment

Clear Demand retail pricing solutions prioritize competitive pricing and retail pricing rules over optimization. Our machine learning processes data from any channel or source and delivers same-day intelligence on pricing recommendations. You identify Key Value Items and apply pricing rule sets based on best practices that establish your price image and earn shopper loyalty. You respond to competitive prices without over-compensating. You promote intelligently, with an understanding of price elasticity and response.

Clear Demand has emerged as a leading partner in providing convenience stores with the data, insights, and solutions to help them set the right tactics to grow the size of your market basket, optimize promotion effectiveness, and generate additional gross margin.

Collaborate with retail partners to achieve margin success

Clear Demand Category Captain Pricing helps CPG manufacturers assess where they need to be competitive and where they don’t. You measure shopper sensitivity to differences and automate price recommendations. You design more effective promotions that generate desired lift without undermining profitability.

Time markdowns to sustain margins

Non-food products and apparel are more subject to markdown activity due to their seasonal nature and churn in the assortment. Setting the right depth of discounts and the timing for markdowns and clearances improves your sell-through and profitability. A single source of pricing data allows you to align online prices with store prices, to maintain shopper trust.

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