Competitive Pricing

Clear Demand Competitive Pricing

Be more surgical and timely in your competitive pricing strategies.

Clear Demand Competitive Pricing is a standalone solution so retailers can be more surgical and competitive in their dynamic pricing strategies and yet integrate with existing pricing systems. Included with any one of Clear Demand’s solutions for Regular, Promotion or Markdown Pricing, this module can be licensed separately to satisfy a specific and dynamic pricing requirement, complementary to pricing systems in place. Clear Demand’s Competitive Pricing solution is comprised of 1) Competitive Gap Demand Model; 2) Enterprise Rules Architecture; and 3) Merchant Alerts. This is deployed across channels and customer segments, in as near as real-time as operational and system considerations permit.

Competitive Gap Demand Model first measures shoppers’ sensitivity to the price gap between a retailer’s prices and competitors’ prices using competitive price data (online, store or both) supplied by the retailer. This becomes an input for the Enterprise Rules Architecture, which further compares prices with Competitive Price Index (CPI) rules and then uses our Merchant Alert mechanism to notify merchants and pricing professionals when prices are out of compliance with sensitive competitive rules.

Competitive Pricing: Part Of Clear Demand’s Complete Lifecycle Pricing Solution.

Be more surgical and timely in  your competitive pricing strategies.

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