Compliant Optimization

Clear Demand uses an evolved optimization which constrains prices with retailers’ rules for competition, margin, product line relationships and others and minimizes or eliminates pricing rules violations.

Why is it important?


Optimization must be constrained by rules to eliminate unnecessary rules violations

Pricing rule violations such as “pricing above the competition on sensitive items” and other violations confuse shoppers and reduce ring.

Margin opportunities exist within the “guardrails” defined by your unique rules

Finding those margin opportunities without violating rules is a retail pricing science matter which can be scaled across your assortment and chain.

Retailers must recover margin to offset the “investments in price” made on competitively priced items

Profitability depends on offsetting price investments with margin gains which lie within your less price-sensitive items.

Why now?

Optimization technology has evolved with transparency and rules compliance.

Technology can safely scale the “art of merchandising.”

Compliant Optimization: Part of Clear Demand’s Complete Lifecycle Pricing Solution.

Align pricing with shopper preferences & strategy across channels.

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