Merchandise Analytics

Clear Demand uses an integrated business intelligence capability from Tableau® which provides visibility into sensitive items, competitive pricing and revenue opportunities, and other business insights with interactive and drill-down tools.

Why is it important?


Mobile, social and online have greatly expanded the data available

Multiple channels all have a consistent thread called “shopper preferences” which can be harvested with Big Data analytics.

Retailers require more actionable information, not just data

More data is not the answer. Retailers have the data. What they need is more actionable information on how to drive sales and profits.

Margin and competitive pricing opportunities exist within your assortment

Finding those margin opportunities is a retail pricing science matter which can be scaled across your assortment and chain.

Why now?

Pricing intelligence has evolved to provide deeper insight and speed in assessing opportunities to compete and drive margins.

Merchandise analytics are now interactive and more accessible for all users.

Merchandise Analytics: Part of Clear Demand’s Complete Lifecycle Pricing Solution.

Align pricing with shopper preferences & strategy across channels.

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