Regular Price Optimization

Every Item.  Every Channel. Every Day.


With Clear Demand’s Third-Generation Science, you align your everyday pricing with category strategies across physical and digital channels and throughout the product lifecycle – from introduction to de-listing. Tune and constrain your optimization model to meet internal business pricing rules and deliver on shopper expectations.

Results You’ll Count On, Every Day

Rely on our highly-evolved approach to regular price optimization. Clear Demand takes the everyday pricing to the next level of accuracy and speed with superior optimization science powered by Machine Learning.

Clear Demand solutions take a more advanced approach to rules definition, prioritization, and processing speed. It is housed in a cloud environment (SaaS) with no limitations on growth as data requirements expand.

Machine Learning enables highly accurate determination of each item’s demand curve and most efficient price. Your rules are applied to conform with category strategy and competitive response. Your forecast gets better over time, as the system adapts the data model to shopper response.

The result is accurate, trusted everyday pricing that lets your pricing pros deliver consistent results.

Customers experience

Prices Your Shoppers Will Trust

Shoppers have an uncanny ability to recognize when your prices are inconsistent or out of alignment. When prices make sense, your reputation is enhanced. When they don’t, trust is undermined.

Clear Demand’s every-day pricing solution maintains your trusted price image on two fronts: rules management and detection.

Getting relative prices right is essential to price perception. Clear Demand advanced rules management keeps prices consistent within line structures, sizes and traits. You maintain optimal price differences between brands and private-label.

To handle complexity, Machine Learning monitors and detects inconsistencies relentlessly so you can take confident, prompt action. Our systems currently generate more than 1 million alerts a day for retailers.

Factor In Competitor Prices

Define strategic goals with respect to competitive pricing. For each category or competitor, you may choose to monitor, match or out-maneuver.

Leverage competitive data sourced through our partnership with Nielsen. Access other sources of competitive price data. Our system handles it all seamlessly.


More Value, Sooner

A reliable pricing solution must possess the usability and flexibility to support the way you work. Clear Demand does not force the business to conform to the solution. It is designed to adapt to your business requirements and even accommodate special merchandising circumstances.

As a result you enjoy the benefits of highly advanced and dynamic science, with the most accurate store-level forecast available in the industry. You gain the ability to optimize and analyze pricing based on product attributes.

Choose the Clear Demand 3rd Generation pricing solution to better understand and improve your:

  • Category Reviews: Resets, Competition, Assortment Changes
  • Category Health: Cost Changes, Competitor Prices, Consumer Demand
  • Opportunity Assessment: Margin Target; Revenue Target; Business Strategy

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Optimize the Entire Pricing Lifecycle

Reliable, trusted every-day pricing establishes the foundation that enables promotion and markdown success. Clear Demand solutions are built upon a common foundation of science, usability and a flexible approach to your business objectives.

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