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For Your Pricing Journey

From day one, CLEARDEMAND is your partner for success. Whether you're embarking on your first pricing technology implementation or upgrading an underperforming system, deploying advanced software marks a significant leap forward for your organization.

Say goodbye to guesswork and costly mistakes!

CLEARDEMAND is here to provide you with a seamless experience, ensuring best practices and flawless results. Trust in CLEARDEMAND to deliver a tailored retail implementation that caters to your unique requirements.

Insights as a Service (IaaS)

Visualize critical information and decision data

Business Insights Dashboard

Experience the convenience of a user-friendly dashboard powered by the intuitive Tableau data visualization platform. Graphical screens are pre-configured to extract vital statistics from your pricing data and facilitate immediate action.

Customizable Performance Metrics

Customize your dashboards to monitor performance metrics and reveal insights of immediate managerial significance, such as tracking the progress of a promotional event or evaluating the outcomes of a rule change.

Actionable Managerial Insights

Eliminate the need to export data sets and say goodbye to time-consuming, complex statistical processes!
With CLEARDEMAND, you effortlessly access actionable managerial insights in a user-friendly format.


Prepare. Install. Configure. Maintain.

The launch of CLEARDEMAND cloud-based solution typically takes 12 weeks from initiation, and can accommodate any number of locations and products. During the discovery process, data integration is seamlessly incorporated and custom interfaces are designed to synchronize with your existing systems, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

No more guesswork

We invest time in understanding your internal business processes and key metrics to ensure a seamless alignment between your forecasting, future-state definitions, and pricing practices. This creates a cohesive link that connects your work to the desired outcomes.

Stress-free deployment in the cloud

By providing Software as a Service (SaaS), there is no requirement for hardware implementation

Strategic Assessment

The setup process generates price elasticities for your entire business from the start, forming the foundation of your pricing discipline. These valuable insights are presented through interactive dashboards.

Training & Support

Seamless Integration. 24/7 Support & Assistance.

We promote the adoption of a “super-user” or “train the trainer” methodology, where we select an analyst from your pricing team to be the key resource. You will have access to comprehensive user guides, training materials, and offer periodic refresher training sessions to ensure smooth onboarding.

Managing change can be challenging and time consuming. To make the process easier, we offer comprehensive training and consulting services.

You will be equipped with the necessary skills to not only utilize the tools effectively but also effectively communicate their implications across various departments such as category management, store management, and finance.

Training is delivered both on-site and through web-based platforms. It begins as soon as your data is loaded into your customized environment, ensuring a tailored experience rather than a generic “sandbox” environment.

We Take Care of Your Technology

The Right First Option – The Right Upgrade Option

Whether your organization is contemplating an advance pricing solution for the first time, or if you are exploring options to elevate you existing process to the next level of performance, CLEARDEMAND’s advanced pricing science and usability can be a game-changer.

Retire Those Spreadsheets

Your pricing experts are surely heroes, but no standard formula based on price gaps or competitive matching rules can be sufficient for them to keep pace across your entire store.

Illuminate the Black Box

If you’re using a legacy pricing system, chances are you’re no longer seeing adequate results. This may be because it relies on algorithms and deployments that are no longer relevant.

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