Single Enterprise Rules Architecture

Clear Demand was the first to pioneer a single OmniChannel (mobile, online, in-store) rules architecture, so retailers have the opportunity to use one pricing environment and shoppers see “one company”.

Why is it important?


Consistent and “unified” pricing across channels

Shopper confidence and brand loyalty accrue to retailers which present a consistent price/value proposition across channels.

Rational and intentional competitive price relationships

Competitive price gaps send a message to your shoppers which support your intended price image or not.

Rigor in managing sensitive items (KVIs – key value items)

Shoppers measure value and make basket decisions based on how you price their most price-sensitive items.

Sensible product line price relationships

Price relationships between private label and national brand, good-better-best and multi-packs of different quantities, all send messages to your shoppers.

Why now?

Shoppers have more options and price information than ever before requiring retailers to be more rigorous and intentional in presenting their price proposition.

Price has become a more substantial lever in creating an interconnected customer experience, instrumental in reinforcing a brand promise and competing effectively.

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