Everything you need to craft effective pricing strategies

Take your price execution to the next level with a comprehensive solution that analyzes and reprices effortlessly, regardless of catalog size or level of sophistication.

Whether your enterprise is store-first or digital-first, your shoppers demand and deserve a coherent, rational, trusted value experience. With CLEARDEMAND, your pricing language connects with your audience, ensuring a consistent experience for shoppers across all channels, whether it’s promotions, markdowns, or clearance.

Generate the Best Possible Margins

Leverage The CLEARDEMAND Intelligent Price Management & Optimization solution (IPMO), and optimize every-day, promotional and markdown prices from new product introduction to de-listing, while preserving the best possible margins.

Nurture Loyalty While Sustaining Profits

Deliver enjoyable shopping experiences that meet customer needs and expectations while maintaining total profitability. CLEARDEMAND's SaaS solutions provides you with the necessary data to monitor demand, boost traffic, and foster customer loyalty.

CLEARDEMAND Machine Learning Delivers :

An End-to-End Solution, Spanning the Full Product Lifecycle

Experience with early forms of optimization has demonstrated that pricing must be approached as continuum, not as a set of discrete, disconnected decision processes. CLEARDEMAND delivers lifecycle pricing constructed upon a common machine learning platform. Your pricing professionals master one system, with tools that leverage a common data structure.

Regular Pricing

CLEARDEMAND Regular Pricing aligns everyday pricing with overall category strategies across channels and constraints price optimization in order to meet competitive pricing goals and internal business pricing rules. Learn more about lifecycle pricing optimization.

Promotion Pricing

CLEARDEMAND Promotion Pricing delivers a comprehensive solution for promotional planning and forecasting across channels so retailers can meet specific competitive pricing goals and still execute more profitable promotion plans.

Markdown Pricing

CLEARDEMAND Markdown Pricing helps retailers “set guardrails” for margin, sell-through, markdown budget, and competitive price index across channels and yet achieve department and category objectives.

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