Retail Pricing Strategy. Meet Mary and Learn How She Decides Strategy.

As Director of Pricing, Mary is struggling with her retail pricing strategy. Marys’ struggles, however, are familiar themes across retail today, like ‘getting shoppers in her stores and still driving profits’. So what’s Mary to do? More work, late nights? More status quo, or is it time to take pricing innovation for a test drive?

Duration  0:59

Published  December 28, 2022

Fundamentals of Retail Pricing Rules

Duration  37:15

Published  September 21, 2022

Tobacco Pricing Solution

Duration  0:58

Published  September 1, 2022

Fundamentals of Retail Pricing Webinar

Duration  51:56

Published  February 2, 2022

Retail Promotion Pricing.  Drive Sales Without Eroding Margins.

Duration  4:52

Published  December 10, 2015

Retail Promotion Pricing.  Price Optimization & Cost Changes

Duration  5:06

Published  August 18, 2015

Retail Pricing Strategies Benefit from Price Optimization 2.0

Duration  3:18

Published  April 03, 2015

Retail Competitive Pricing: Avoid Pricing Pitfalls

Duration  5:15

Published  June 10, 2014

Retail Has Changed

Duration  3:21

Published  May 2, 2014

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