Creating An Interconnected Customer Experience

Shoppers expect a consistent, rational experience across your channels and value across the lifecycle of your products, every day, when promoted and when marked down or cleared. Clear Demand delivers one unified OmniChannel pricing platform so your shoppers see “one company” across channels.

Across the Product Lifecycle: Regular Pricing

Clear Demand Regular Pricing aligns everyday pricing with overall category strategies across channels and constrains price optimization in order to meet competitive pricing goals and internal business pricing rules. Learn more about lifecycle pricing optimization.

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Across the Product Lifecycle: Promotion Pricing

Clear Demand Promotion Pricing delivers a comprehensive solution for promotional planning and forecasting across channels so retailers can meet specific competitive pricing goals and still execute more profitable promotion plans.

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Across the Product Lifecycle: Markdown Pricing

Clear Demand Markdown Pricing helps retailers “set guardrails” for margin, sell-through, markdown budget, and competitive price index across channels and yet achieve department and category objectives.

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Competitive Pricing

Clear Demand Competitive Pricing is a standalone solution so retailers can be more surgical and timely in their competitive pricing strategies and yet integrate with existing pricing systems.

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Merchandise Analytics

Clear Demand Merchandise Analytics is a standalone solution so retailers can quickly identify SKU-level opportunities for revenue, margin and competitive price advantage and yet integrate with existing pricing systems.

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Why OmniChannel?

OmniChannel (mobile, online, in-store) retailing is the current label for multi-channel retailing which today – more than ever – requires a more comprehensive approach to interpreting and leveraging your data – data which reveals shopper choices, related competitor prices, where they bought and when.

Clear Demand starts with processing your data from any and all sources and channels and then; prioritizes your competitive pricing opportunities; configures your pricing rules, and; delivers same-day intelligence on pricing recommendations. All on a flexible Big Data pricing platform that can be adapted to your unique business and pricing!


Our Customers Agree:

“Our commitment to creating an interconnected customer experience requires that we align ourselves with nimble innovators who can meet our evolving solution needs. This commitment requires that we provide tools that fit with the way our merchants work and get data to the point of decision quickly. Clear Demand has demonstrated a unique ability to support the flexibility required to maintain this commitment.” 

– Hal Lawton, Senior Vice President, The Home Depot.

What sets us apart?

Single Enterprise Rules Architecture. Clear Demand was the first to pioneer a single OmniChannel (mobile, online, in-store) rules architecture, so retailers have the opportunity to use on pricing environment and shoppers see “one company”.

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Competitive Pricing. Clear Demand automates competitive price comparisons, and alerts merchants when existing prices deviate from competitive pricing rules. This is combined with an industry-first competitive cross-elasticity model for a dynamic competitive pricing solution.

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Merchandise Analytics. Clear Demand uses an evolved optimization which constrains prices with retailers’ rules for competition, margin, product line relationships and minimizes or eliminates pricing rules violations.

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Compliant Optimization. Clear Demand uses an integrated business intelligence capability from Tableau which provides visibility into sensitive items, competitive pricing and revenue opportunities, and other business insights with interactive and drill-down tools.

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Big Data Platform. Clear Demand was the first to architect a pricing platform from the ground-up on Big Data so retailers can quickly capture and analyze data from any source-store, online, mobile, social media, loyalty programs and weave a consistent and competitive pricing strategy.

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