Price, Promotion and Markdown Planning & Optimization

Lifecycle Pricing Software with Integrated Forecasting for Supply Chain Execution that is AI Driven and SaaS Delivered
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Pricing Maturity Levels

Maturity levels can be described as Adhoc, Managed, Standardized, Predictable, and Innovative. Depending on where you are, depends on the business value and opportunity you can gain. Where would you rate your maturity?


Manually Managing Prices in Spreadsheets


Implemented Corporate Pricing Processes


Replaced Spreadsheets with Enterprise Software


Added AI and Machine Learning


Integrating Lifecycle Pricing with Planning and Supply Chain

Solutions that Outperform the Competition

Simple to Use | Cloud-Based Architecture | AI and Machine Learning

Integrated Forecasting

Lifecycle Pricing Forecast That Integrates with Replenishment and Assortment Planning

What You'll Get

Accurate Price & Demand Predictions
Our proven, patented approach provides unparalleled accuracy for its predictions. Supported by AI, our engine’s recommendations improve over time, guaranteeing optimal price, promotion and demand recommendations.

Broad Category Reach

In contrast to outdated solutions, our software optimizes your entire assortment. You will find the revenue and margin sweet spot with comprehensive business rules and machine learning algorithms.

Simple to Use Solution

No more wasting time. You can focus on getting work done with attribution, user roles, workflows and many other time-saving innovations. We've eliminated the frustrations found in other solutions.

Rapid Responses

Our solution seamlessly analyzes extensive market data and business criteria which allows you to intelligently respond to competitive, consumer and market shifts.

Automation and Compliance

You'll automate complex rules and buydown program requirements to maximize compliance and allowance payments while reducing manual entry work. Also, quickly respond to cost increases by adjusting prices on the most impactful items without losing price image.

Retail Expertise

From senior leadership down, you'll benefit from our extensive years of retail and pricing expertise. We've been a part of the other technology companies and learned from their successes and mistakes.

What Our Customers Say

“Clear Demand has helped us transform our mountain of merchandise and promotional big data into retail price changes that have yielded measurable gross profit increases.”

CEO Supermarket Retailer

"Our commitment to creating an interconnected customer experience requires that we align ourselves with nimble innovators. Clear Demand has demonstrated a unique ability to support the flexibility required to maintain this commitment."

Vice President Center Store

Accelerate Your Price Maturity

Whether your new to price optimization or deeply educated with technology, we can provide you the solutions to meet your pricing, promotional and markdown goals.

Our patented science analyzes historical sales to understand shoppers’ sensitivity to price and generates price and promotion strategies that account for pricing rules, cost changes, and competitor prices.

Our innovations in retail science simplify adoption and use, while allowing retailers to see value in just weeks with transparency and minimal disruption to their business.