Offer Recommendations on Brand Selection,
Shelf Allocation, Placement & Pricing

Category captains empower you to navigate the increasing complexity of product categories.
Retailers share essential information, including sales data, pricing, turnover, and shelf placement, with the category captain.
Manufacturers leverage this data for category recommendations on brand selection, shelf allocation, placement, and pricing.

The role of CPG category captains is evolving in response to a more competitive and price-focused retail supply chain. This shift is evident in durable product categories such as home appliances, consumer electronics, furniture, sports equipment, and automotive. Shoppers compare prices online and in-store, making purchasing decisions based on competitive pricing.

CLEARDEMAND leads the way in offering CPG manufacturers a Category Captain Pricing solution that provides essential retail pricing support for category teams in the modern retail landscape, ensuring lasting value.

Category Captain Pricing

Durable goods category captains need efficient tools and analytics to process competitive pricing and sales data, generating impactful price recommendations for online and in-store sales.

Competitive Gap Demand Model

A groundbreaking approach that measures shoppers' sensitivity to the price gap between a retailer's prices and those of competitors, utilizing competitive price data from various sources, including online and in-store.
CLEARDEMAND is the first to advance a demand model that measures shoppers’ sensitivity to the gap between a retailer’s prices and competitors’ prices using competitive price data (online, store or both) supplied by the retailer.

Single Enterprise Rules Architecture

A unified framework applicable to both retail and packaged goods manufacturers. It automates the application of pricing rules and recommendations across different channels, such as mobile, online, and in-store.
CLEARDEMAND was the first to pioneer a single OmniChannel (mobile, online, in-store) rules architecture, which has applicability for retail and packaged goods manufacturers, in automating the application of rules and price recommendation.

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