Profitably Clear Merchandise with AI

Markdown Optimization

When it comes to seasonal goods, underperforming items, or products nearing the end of their lifecycle, leveraging AI for markdowns will recover lost inventory value. However, determining the right timing and discount amount has always been challenging.

With AI, machine learning, and a systemized process, you’ll make informed decisions on when and how much to markdown.

Balancing cash flow considerations and maximizing profitability becomes easier, ensuring you don’t settle for small gains when bigger opportunities await.

Optimized Clearance Pricing

With an AI and Cloud-Based Markdown Solution

Informed Decisions

See the Impact of Your Markdown Decisions and Indecisions

Localized Markdowns

Set Markdown Candence at a More Granular Level to Align Inventory to Demand

Ensure Compliance

Set Business Rules and Guardrails for Margin, Sell-through, and Markdown Budget Across Channels

Improve Profits

Increase Your Margins by Taking Discounts at the Right Time and Depth

Seamless Transitions

Seamlessly Clear Discontinued Merchandise From Your Shelves While Making Space For The New


AI Markdown Optimization

Placing massive discounts on discontinued items or relegating them to messy endcaps destroys their value in the eyes of consumers.

But consumers love deals. Offering them at the right time for every location has massive implications for your bottom line and brand image.

Accelerate Your Price Maturity

Whether your new to markdown optimization or deeply educated with technology, we can provide you the solutions to meet your goals.

Our patented science analyzes historical sales to understand shoppers’ sensitivity to price and generates price and promotion strategies that account for pricing rules, cost changes, and competitor prices.

Our innovations in retail science simplify adoption and use, while allowing retailers to see value in just weeks with transparency and minimal disruption to their business.