Remove Pricing Complexity

Tobacco Pricing Solution

Pricing tobacco and other tobacco products is painful. Government regulations, compliance expectations, buydowns, localized pricing, brand parity, pack-to-carton pricing, and penny profit alignment create an impossible workload for people.

This error-prone, spreadsheet, unintegrated process was accepted as the way things are for these products – until now.

What It Solves

Simplifying the Rules and Regulations

With The Industry's Only Tobacco Pricing Solution

Response Time

Lessen Time Needed to Evaluate and Execute Price Changes


Government Regulations Including State and Local Minimums

Buy Downs

Easily Apply the Best Rebate or Discount Opportunity

Penny Profits

Ensure Proper Markups for Products and Brands

Price Parity

Maintain Brand and Pack to Carton Relationships


Know the Demand of Tobacco and Other Tobacco Products

R.J. Reynolds
and Altria Integration

Our solutions come with pre-established integration with Altria and R.J. Reynolds. Furthermore, we extend this integration seamlessly to retailers’ POS systems.

These integrated workflows empower you to efficiently handle localized pricing, process rebates, and secure buy downs for your business, saving time and ensuring greater accuracy.

Loyalty Fund Program (LFP) Pricing

Cigarettes and other tobacco products (OTPs) enhance sales. Apart from tobacco to driving foot traffic and boosting revenue, major manufacturers such as Altria offer rebates and Loyalty Fund Programs for specific consumer purchases such as two-pack and multi-buy cartons.

For convenience store retailers seeking to attract customers, stay competitive, and unlock revenue, taking advantage of Loyalty Funded Programs and other self funding programs proves to be the strategic choice.


Power Up Your C-Store

Inflation places Convenience Store operators in a challenging environment where inside sales are more crucial than ever. Now is the time to leverage intelligent price management and optimization to build baskets and keep customers returning for their favorite products.

Accelerate Your Price Maturity

Whether your new to price optimization or deeply educated with technology, we can provide you the solutions to meet your pricing and promotional goals.

Our patented science analyzes historical sales to understand shoppers’ sensitivity to price and generates price and promotion strategies that account for pricing rules, cost changes, and competitor prices.

Our innovations in retail science simplify adoption and use, while allowing retailers to see value in just weeks with transparency and minimal disruption to their business.

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