Enhance Results and Ad Investments

Promotion Planning and Optimization

Are you achieving your ROI for your promotional investments? Always, Sometimes, or Don’t Know?

Investing in AI for promotional planning optimizes strategies, enhances targeting, improves cost efficiency, and provides valuable insights for vehicle and ad development that ultimately drives predictable results and enhanced ROI.

Predictable Promotional ROI

With an AI and Cloud-Based Promotion Solution

Streamline Management

Lessen Time Needed to Evaluate and Execute Promotions through Automation, Simplification and Uploads

Customer Behavior

Analyze Preferences and Responses to Different Tactics and Promotions

Promotional Calendar

See All Your Promotions in One Place

Run Scenarios

Test and Evaluate the Outcomes of Revenue, Profitability and Units for Various Offers and Tactics Before Running the Promotion

Integrated Forecast

Share The Forecast Across Pricing, Planning and the Supply Chain to Ensure the Plan is Executed

Enhance Results

Improve Revenue, Profits and Promotional ROI - Ultimately Generating Better Business Results


AI Promotional Planning and Optimization

As complexity, costs and competition have escalated, simply doing what was done before won’t work – But how can you change without alienating your customers?

AI can forecast your customer’s behavior and anticipate market changes thus allowing retailers to adjust their promotional strategies accordingly and see the outcomes before executing.

Case Study

Beloved Grocer Builds Pricing and Promotional Excellence

A grocery store operator, managing a chain of several hundred stores, strategically positions itself as a “high-low” retailer in local markets. The establishment regularly releases a weekly promotional flyer and actively sustains a loyalty-rewards program, complemented by targeted email offers tailored to segmented customer groups.

The retailer aimed to enhance its promotions efficiency and forecasting while optimizing the utilization of available subsidy and trade funds.

Additionally, the retailer required a comprehensive solution that would seamlessly manage both regular and promotional prices without creating planning and execution conflicts between the two processes.

The retailer also needed to integrate planning decisions across operations, marketing, finance, supply chain, and purchasing departments.

Over the course of a seven-month initiative, the retailer embraced Clear Demand’s established best practices, navigating through a systematic crawl-walk-run implementation. The journey commenced with a comprehensive discovery workshop that facilitated the creation of detailed process maps, ensuring a thorough understanding of the intricate facets involved.

Recognizing the need for a streamlined approach, the retailer took a significant step forward by establishing a centralized pricing team. This team, equipped with specialized skills and knowledge, played a pivotal role in orchestrating the successful execution of the solution. To foster internal expertise and sustainability, a train-the-trainer process was introduced, empowering key personnel within the organization to disseminate knowledge and ensure widespread adoption.

This strategic and phased approach underscored its dedication to cultivating an internal environment geared towards long-term success in pricing strategies. The structured implementation, marked by the establishment of a centralized team and a focused training initiative, positioned the retailer for enhanced efficiency and proficiency in navigating the complexities of pricing.

Clear Demand surpassed customer expectations with its forecast accuracy and improved promotions by identifying the best products and offers. This increased promotional effectiveness by 400 basis points.

The implementation of a streamlined approval and workflow process has fine-tuned offer targeting, allowing the organization to benefit from real-time reporting.

In the category review process, standardized reporting is now employed to track effectiveness and enhance basket sizes.

A senior executive has attested that this solution has empowered the retailer to respond more promptly to shopper preferences, delivering a highly appealing overall experience.

What Our Customers Say

Huge ROI

I think any organization would benefit from technology like this. With Clear Demand, we’ve had a huge ROI.


Large Convenience Store Operator

Powerful Science

We have a lot of faith in Clear Demand’s data science team; we’re confident in the questions and responses we get from them.

Pricing Executive

Supermarket Cooperative

Pays for Itself

The tool has paid for itself and we’re seeing that climb week to week. From a baseline standpoint, we’re coming up on our best year.

Merchandising Executive

Grocery Distributor and Retailer

Reinvigorate Your Promotions

Whether your new to promotion optimization or deeply educated with technology, we can provide you the solutions to meet your goals.

Our patented science analyzes historical sales to understand shoppers’ sensitivity to price and generates price and promotion strategies that account for pricing rules, cost changes, and competitor prices.

Our innovations in retail science simplify adoption and use, while allowing retailers to see value in just weeks with transparency and minimal disruption to their business.