Frontier 2024

AI and Pricing in the Modern World

April 8-9, 2024

Tempe, AZ

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What to Expect

Deep Dive into AI and Pricing Trends

AI continues to shape the market and how we work. While AI usage grows, the application of it is opening up new efficiencies and opportunities for businesses, both large and small that know how to take advantage of it.

Learn About The Latest Product & Science Updates

Hear about the latest features of ClearDemand’s product as well as the vision, roadmap and direction. Also, learn more about the AI and science of the solution – where it’s going and how it works directly from the data scientists behind it.

Real Life Case Studies

Get real life case studies from those who have already been on their journey with ClearDemand. Learn from their experiences and how to get the most out of yours.

Scottsdale by the Water

Connect With Your Peers

Talk, discuss, and build relationships with industry leaders, executives and users similar to you.

Guide The Product Direction

What’s a product without input from people who use it? Take the opportunity to drive the direction of the product so you will be ready to meet your challenges and exceed your goals.

Free Training with Tips and Tricks

Get a refresher and learn how to use ClearDemand to solve some of your most pressing needs. Also, learn about the latest features and discover tricks and shortcuts that you may not have known about.

Featured Speaker & Session

AI Odyssey: Navigating the Frontiers of Innovation

Geoff Pofahl, Ph.D.

Serving as the faculty co-Director of Arizona State University's renowned business data analytics program, Dr. Pofahl stands out for his award-winning approach to teaching. His contributions to ASU's highly acclaimed Business School graduate programs include courses in Python, Machine Learning, and AI Literacy. As a distinguished speaker, he is regularly invited to share his insights at AI gatherings, government engagements, and retail industry meetings, where he seamlessly combines the latest academic findings with valuable industry knowledge. Dr. Pofahl's extensive background in the tech sector includes pivotal roles at leading firms such as IBM, DemandTec by Acoustic, Revionics, and Nielsen. His academic career began with teaching positions in analytics and Applied Econometrics at ASU and Michigan State University, before earning his Ph.D. in Applied Econometrics and Industrial Organization from Texas A&M University.

Mission Palms

Conference Hotel

Clear Demand’s Frontier 2024 User Summit will be held at the exclusive Mission Palms in Tempe Arizona.

Tempe Mission Palms is lauded by travelers for its charming atmosphere, boasting a beautiful courtyard filled with palm trees, flowers, and fountains.

Rooms are available at a discounted rate on Monday night for those attending the conference. Please book your rooms to assure availability, as they are expected to sell out fast.

Be sure to ask for the Clear Demand’s Room Block


Subject to Change

Monday, April 8 - 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Unleashing Today's Pricing Power

12:00 | Lunch

Join us for lunch before we kick-off the event! Don't worry about being hungry.

1:00 | Kickoff

Starting the conference and gain introductions to your peers and people at Clear Demand.

1:30 | Business Updates

It's been quite a year at Clear Demand. Hear about the latest news and changes.

2:00 | Featured Speaker

AI is taking the industry by storm. Listen in to the latest developments in AI for retail and the industry.

3:00 | Break

Refresh and grab a peer for a quick chat.

3:15 | Product Updates

The latest product features from Clear Demand and near term product focus.

4:00 | Best Practices

Learn what other retailers are doing that has unlocked additional benefits in pricing and promotions.

5:00 | Adjourn

Day 1 complete! Get ready for dinner and night activities!

Tuesday, April 9 - 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Igniting Tomorrow's Pricing Possibilities

8:00 | Breakfast

Breakfast will be open at 8. You can be there 8'ish.

8:45 | Day 2 Kickoff

Review Day 1 and get ready for Day 2.

9:00 | The Future

Determining pricing strategies, the relationships between price & promotions, & connecting to the supply chain. Set the future of your pricing intelligence.

10:00 | Break

Refresh and get setup for the breakout rooms.

10:15 | Customer Executive Advisory Board

BREAKOUT #1: Exclusive session for Clear Demand's customers including roadmap and product direction.

10:15 | Product Training

BREAKOUT #2: Tips & tricks / Training / Q&A to get the most out of Clear Demand's solutions.

11:30 | Closing Remarks

Getting back together for closing remarks and initial feedback.

12:00 | Adjourn

Conference Wraps Up. Safe Travels!

Monday Night Activity

Caffe Boa

Caffe Boa offers local, fresh, wild caught and organic eats with Arizona’s only All Natural wine list.

Husband and wife owners, Jay and Christine Wisniewski are certified sommeliers, so to say they know their wine is an understatement. Their passion for wine has translated into wonderful recipes in the kitchen, where the menu is a fine selection of carefully created seasonal and organic specialties.

“There is a harmony between man and the soil and the values exchanged from the profound conviction of you are what you eat and you are what you drink. Our focus is simply just this!”

Local live Jazz band from 6-9pm EVERY MONDAY!

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    Be Sure to Reserve Your Hotel Too at the Tempe Mission Palms