Clear Demand consists of a team of executives and practitioners that developed, refined or influenced the predominant pricing solutions of the last 15 years. We learned a lot in that period of time and have fully leveraged those insights to bring you our current set of pricing innovations together with a genuine commitment to delivering value.

Brent Lippman

Executive Chairman

Brent Lippman – Brent is a serial entrepreneur who has created over $1 billion of shareholder value while serving as CEO for three software companies. Recently, as CEO of Khimetrics, he identified promising scientific intellectual property, provided initial angel investment, raised additional venture capital funding, created a new industry segment (Revenue Management), grew the business profitably, sold the company to SAP, and returned to initial investors an average annual return of 77%.

Prior to Khimetrics, Brent was CEO of JDA Software (Nasdaq: JDAS). During Mr. Lippman’s eight year tenure, he grew JDA into a company with $140 million in revenue, 1,100 associates, and operations in 11 countries with clients in over 30 countries.

Brent has an MBA from Case Western Reserve University.

Adam N. Rosenberg, Ph.D.

Chief Science Officer 

Adam Rosenberg has three decades of mathematical decision-support expertise in industries including retail science, airline optimization, financial-market analysis, hotel yield management, railroad line simulation, and telephony.

He started his career at Bell Telephone Laboratories developing the emerging cellular telephone systems. He also worked in printed-circuit-board design and manufacture and wrote a book on CDMA, the most-recent mobile telephone technology. Many of his software solutions have remained in production for over a decade and they have earned or saved hundreds of millions of dollars for his employers and clients.

Dr. Rosenberg earned his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Stanford University in Operations Research and his A.B. from Princeton University in Mathematics (cum laude). He holds several patents.

David Martin

VP, Science 

David’s background and experience in data science is broad and deep. Before joining Clear Demand, he worked in computational plasma physics and renewable energy. At Clear Demand he has advanced Retail Data Science in the areas of demand modeling and price, promotion, and markdown optimization. He specializes in scalable processing architectures that handle massive amounts of data. He has originated several new algorithms for market basket analytics. He leads a team of data scientists at Clear Demand including several Ph.D.’s from leading schools such as Stanford, Cal Tech, and Ga Tech.

Prior to joining Clear Demand, David spent several years teaching Physics and conducting research on perovskite photovoltaic signal processing at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. David graduated from Wheaton College with a B.S. in Physics (summa cum laude), and holds a certificate of Data Science from Galvanize. He has a paper published in computational plasma physics from his undergraduate studies.

James Sills, Ph.D.

President & CEO

Jim Sills has extensive industry experience spanning 25 years and a proven track record building companies that deliver leading software solutions for retail.

He has been CTO at Revionics, VP of Retail Development at SAP, and VP of Research at Khimetrics. He has been responsible for managing teams throughout North America, Europe, and Asia to develop price, promotion, and markdown solutions. He implemented standard methodologies for Product Management, Development, and QA to consistently deliver on-schedule, on-budget, and on-quality.

He received his Ph.D. and Master’s from Georgia Institute of Technology and his Bachelor’s from University of Dayton (magna cum laude). He has published over 20 papers and holds seven patents.

Joe McCorkle

VP, Global Sales 

Joe McCorkle earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance from The University of Iowa and has a background and over twenty years of expertise in helping Fortune 500 companies in Retail, Tech and Finance sectors increase their revenues and profits by leveraging Price Optimization technologies.

He started his career with John Deere as an IT Consultant and then focused on Retail working at HEB as Manager of Price Optimization and RadioShack as Director of Price Optimization and Merchandising Strategy.

More recently he held Strategic Global Sales and Consulting positions with Revionics working on 6 continents, in over 30 countries the last 8 years.

Since 2009, his attention and passion has focused on the application of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI/ML) toward Retail Pricing creating corporate margin improvements and improved customer perception for his clients.

Joe is an excellent public speaker and has been a featured speaker at National Retail Federation (NRF) in New York discussing the Future of Pricing. His commitment to his clients and partners is unparalleled and unwavering and he believes in getting a job done right with optimal solutions for all.

Blake Chavis

VP, Sales 

Blake Chavis has a decade of experience providing strategic vision to SMB, Mid-Size, and Fortune 500 organizations during Software as a Service evaluations. In this time, he has worked on over 40 SaaS implementations and drove adoption across industries like retail, industrial distribution, manufacturing, high tech, and home improvement. Helping successful organizations actualize over $100 million in return on investment.

He has been an Enterprise Executive at Oracle working on digital applications and a Senior Executive at PROS working on price optimization and revenue management technologies. During his time at PROS, he was a part of the core team that worked on developing a retail pricing solution with built in supply chain demand forecasting capabilities. He has been responsible for managing projects throughout the U.S.A, Canada, and Europe.

Blake Chavis was a Sr. Letterman in Athletics and earned his Bachelor of Business Administration from Lamar University. He holds several technical certifications.

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