Leading with Unmatched Expertise:

Combining Experience and Innovation in Pricing Strategy

At CLEARDEMAND, our exceptional team of visionary executives and brilliant practitioners has been at the forefront of shaping and revolutionizing the pricing landscape for over 15 years. Through our relentless pursuit of knowledge and unwavering dedication, we have harnessed invaluable insights to craft a collection of pricing innovations that redefine the industry. 

Our commitment to delivering unparalleled value is ingrained in every aspect of our work. Together, we are poised to inspire, disrupt, and create a future where pricing possibilities know no bounds.

James Sills, Ph.D.

President & CEO

Jim Sills has extensive industry experience spanning 25 years and a proven track record building companies that deliver leading software solutions for retail...

Brent Lippman

Executive Chairman

Brent is a serial entrepreneur who has created over $1 billion of shareholder value while serving as CEO for three software companies...

Adam N. Rosenberg, Ph.D.

Chief Science Officer

Adam Rosenberg has 30 years of mathematical decision-support expertise in various industries...

Phil Steitz, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer

Phil Steitz, Ph.D., is a revered technology and software luminary with extensive technology leadership and development experience.

Suzanne Bowers

VP, Global Sales

Suzanne brings vast experience to Clear Demand as an experienced Account Executive that has been marketing solutions...

Mark Schwans

VP, Marketing

Mark is a retail technology enthusiast with over 20 years of experience in various leadership roles across Marketing, Product Strategy, Project Management,Consulting,
and R&D...

Sarah Stockton

VP, Product Management

Sarah Stockton has over a decade of experience in pricing across several industries including retail, airline, and rental equipment...

Tommy Stangler

VP, Professional Services

Tommy Stangler is passionate about utilizing strategic pricing and optimization to grow business results. Tommy began his career as a strategic pricing analyst at Supervalu...

David Martin

VP, Science

David’s background and experience in data science is broad and deep...

Don Webster

VP, Engineering

Don is responsible for establishing Clear Demand as a market leader in current and next generation technologies...

Marc Hamilton

Director of Engineering

From an early age, Marc transitioned his childhood curiosity for science into a passion for technology...


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