Master the Subtle Language of Pricing


Whether your enterprise is store-first or digital-first, your shoppers demand and deserve a coherent, rational, trusted value experience. Using Clear Demand’s comprehensive, unified pricing platform, you speak pricing with a consistent voice. Your shoppers experience “one company” across all channels and throughout the lifecycle of products you sell, whether promoted, marked down or cleared.

Your pricing stories should always end happily and in balance, with your price image sustained and shoppers eager to return, while you maintain better total margins

Comprehensive Solution Suite

Optimize Every-Day Prices, Promotional Prices and Markdowns spanning the entire lifecycle, from new product introduction to de-listing, while preserving the best possible margins. It’s the Clear Demand Intelligent Price Management & Optimization (IPMO) solution and its powered by Machine Learning and the latest retail science.

Deliver Better Value and Understand Response

Provide your  customers with shopping experiences that consistently meet their pricing expectations while sustaining total profits. With Clear Demand IaaS, measure and evaluate success from your dashboard by continually monitoring demand, increased traffic, and customer loyalty.

Clear Demand Machine Learning Delivers:

Accuracy at Every Level: Our patented science has proven to be the most accurate down to the geography, store, department or other levels as required by retailers. It is backed by Clear Demand Machine Learning, which ensures that the recommendations made by our engine will become more optimal over time.

Rapid Responsiveness: Our solution analyzes and responds to vast amounts of complex market data and business criteria. This enables customers to quickly and intelligently react to the competitive environment through dynamic pricing strategies and rules.

Adoptable and Scalable: Our software was developed to automate and scale efforts, so retailers can optimize pricing for more products. Unlike the older ‘Black Box’ products that were difficult to implement and understand, Clear Demand has a level of transparency, adaptability, ease-of-use, and data visualization that makes it easier for retail practitioners to adopt and extract real value.

Insights as a Service: We are committed to working with retailers to ensure that they can uncover true insights and value from our solution. Our experience spans all retail types, so recommendations reflect the unique circumstances of our customers.

Invested Expertise: Clear Demand is led by pioneers who developed and who continue to advance retail pricing best practices. Where other pricing vendors have wavered in their commitment, our expertise remains consistent, as demonstrated by our innovations and results.

An approach built to deliver customers more value faster

“Our commitment to creating an interconnected customer experience requires that we align ourselves with nimble innovators who can meet our evolving solution needs. This commitment requires that we provide tools that fit with the way our merchants work and get data to the point of decision quickly. Clear Demand has demonstrated a unique ability to support the flexibility required to maintain this commitment.”

Hal Lawton,
Senior Vice President, The Home Depot

An End-to-End Solution, Spanning the Full Product Lifecycle  

Experience with early forms of optimization has demonstrated that Pricing must be approached as continuum, not as a set of discrete, disconnected decision processes. Clear Demand delivers lifecycle pricing constructed upon a common machine learning platform. Your pricing professionals master one system, with tools that leverage a common data structure.

Regular Pricing

Clear Demand Regular Pricing aligns everyday pricing with overall category strategies across channels and constrains price optimization in order to meet competitive pricing goals and internal business pricing rules. Learn more about lifecycle pricing optimization.

Promotion Pricing

Clear Demand Promotion Pricing delivers a comprehensive solution for promotional planning and forecasting across channels so retailers can meet specific competitive pricing goals and still execute more profitable promotion plans.

Markdown Pricing

Clear Demand Markdown Pricing helps retailers “set guardrails” for margin, sell-through, markdown budget, and competitive price index across channels and yet achieve department and category objectives.

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