Clear Demand Announces Release of Tobacco Pricing Solutions (TPS)

Scottsdale, Az., January 14, 2022 – Clear Demand has been recognized by Retail Today magazine as a leader in the Intelligent Price Management & Optimization category in Retail CIO Radar 2022, a first-of-its kind annual list of the most innovative & transformative retail technology solution providers. 

Take a look at the article they wrote about us:

” Clear Demand, Inc., ( the leading price optimization provider for retail, announced Friday the release of a new tobacco pricing solution that addresses the new buydown complexities resulting from Altria’s recently announced Price Promotions API program.

Creating more value for retailers with localized pricing and addressing the associated complexities, Clear Demand developed their offering by working with the industry’s largest manufacturer and one of the largest tobacco retailers in North America. With extensive scalability and depth, Clear Demand’s Tobacco Pricing Solution (TPS) is the only rules-based application capable of providing seamless integration and automation of promotional allowance management (buy-down allowances) for enterprise and independent tobacco retailers.

Tobacco retailers struggle with the complexity of data management specific to promotional programs and state compliance requirements. Tobacco retailers and manufacturers loose over $300 million annually due to buy-down noncompliance, penny profit, min/max, multi-pack, and EDLP rules. Clear Demand address tobacco pricing complexities by state, sub-state, zone, or individual store levels based on POS, demographic, syndicated, and retail science data. Clear Demand’s extensive library of retailer and manufacturer rules and over 20 years of expertise create the exceptional opportunity to manage retail prices for optimized revenue and profitable outcomes for tobacco.

Clear Demand is once again providing an industry first in pricing solutions. Clear Demand’s deep integration with Altria’s price promotion API and retailer’s POS, and price book systems assure trading partners of seamless data integration, process automation, accuracy, and tobacco price management for best-in-class operations. “