Clear Demand Elevates AI Pricing and Promotions with Three Key Executive Hires

 Clear Demand Elevates AI Pricing and Promotions with Three Key Executive Hires

With these visionary leaders, Clear Demand is primed to revolutionize the retail AI pricing and promotions landscape as their growth accelerates.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – March 19, 2024 – Clear Demand, the leader in Intelligent Price Management and Optimization (IPMO), announced a significant investment in its Executive Team. This strategic move comes as AI pricing and promotions accelerate to new heights.

Joining Clear Demand are three industry experts: Phil Steitz, Mark Schwans, and Marc Hamilton. Their combined expertise and vision are set to redefine the landscape of AI-driven pricing solutions, reinforcing Clear Demand as the vanguard in innovation.

Phil Steitz, Ph.D., a revered technology and software luminary, assumes the mantle of Chief Technology Officer. With a stellar track record as the CTO at American Express, Deem, Edgenuity, Pegasus, and Nextiva, Phil brings unparalleled experience in scaling technology solutions, building teams, and driving market disruption. His arrival signals a new era for Clear Demand.

“I am thrilled to join Clear Demand, a visionary AI Pricing provider. There is a significant opportunity to drive growth fueled by their cutting-edge science and technology,” stated Phil Steitz. “Already, I have been impressed by their people, technology, and customers.”

Mark Schwans, a seasoned marketing maestro, assumes leadership of Clear Demand’s marketing. With a wealth of experience from his tenure at Oracle, Accenture, Revionics, Zebra Technologies,, and Newmine, Mark is poised to unleash Clear Demand’s thought leadership and capabilities.

And rounding out the trio is Marc Hamilton, an engineering virtuoso with an unparalleled knack for delivering next-generation solutions. With a proven track record at industry stalwarts like StrongMind, Pearson, SAP, and Blue Yonder, Marc’s appointment as Head of Engineering heralds technical excellence and innovation for this growth stage.

James A. Sills, Ph.D., president and CEO of Clear Demand, Inc., expressed his excitement about the strategic hires, stating, “As we embark on this exciting phase, I am delighted to announce the addition of exceptional talent to our leadership team. These new hires bring invaluable expertise, fresh perspectives, and a shared commitment to our company’s vision and values. Together, we are poised to elevate our organization to new heights and drive sustained success in the market.”

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Clear Demand is the leader in Intelligent Price Management and Optimization (IPMO) for retail. We were the first company to deliver an omni-channel lifecycle pricing solution that synchronizes prices, promotions, and markdowns online and in-store to produce a consistent brand and shopping experience. Clear Demand is the leading innovator in retail pricing solutions with patented science that analyzes historical sales to understand shoppers’ sensitivity to price and generate price and promotion strategies that account for pricing rules, cost changes, and competitor prices to achieve profit and revenue goals.  Architected on big data and delivered through Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Clear Demand’s Intelligent IPMO solution can be administered from a public or private cloud. Clear Demand’s innovations in retail science simplify adoption and use, while allowing retailers to see value in just weeks with more transparency and minimal disruption to existing business. Learn more at

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