Clear Demand’s Frontier 2024 Conference: A Resounding Success in Shaping the Future of AI in Pricing

 Clear Demand’s Frontier 2024 Conference: A Resounding Success in Shaping the Future of AI in Pricing

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – April 23, 2024 – Clear Demand, the leader in Intelligent Price Management and Optimization, is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of its annual user summit, Frontier 2024. This year’s event brought industry leaders to explore the latest trends, innovations, and strategies in AI, Pricing and Promotions.

Frontier 2024 attracted a global audience of leading retailers and offered a rich program and with deep discussions on the future of AI and Retail Price Optimization. A notable highlight came from sought-after keynote speaker, Dr. Geoff Pofahl, in his presentation on AI Odyssey: Navigating the Frontiers of Innovation. Dr. Pofahl’s insights into the exponential leaps in AI innovation and application were met with an awed response from the attendees. He, himself, even reminded the audience that what he said today could already be out of date next week.

Frontier 2024 featured interactive sessions where attendees directly engaged with Clear Demand staff, gaining the latest updates on the tools, technologies and best practices for AI pricing and promotions. Executive attendees also provided direction into shaping the future of Clear Demand’s strategic direction. Attendees also benefited from sharing, listening, and learning from each other in a collaborative environment.

“Frontier 2024 has set a new standard by providing a platform for thought leadership, discussion, and applying AI to pricing and promotion,” said James A. Sills, Ph.D., President and CEO of Clear Demand, Inc. “Now that food is taking up the greatest share of consumers’ disposable income in 30 years, AI pricing and promotion is the essential tool to mitigate increased costs while maintaining customer loyalty. The connections and insights that our attendees have gained here are invaluable and will undoubtedly drive innovation and success within their business.”

Clear Demand extends its gratitude to all speakers and attendees who contributed to the success of Frontier 2024. The global market for price optimization will grow at a rapid CAGR of 16.5% between 2023 and 2028, according to Coresight Research. So plans are already underway for an even bigger and better Frontier 2025.

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Clear Demand is the leader in Intelligent Price Management and Optimization (IPMO) for retail. We were the first company to deliver an omni-channel lifecycle pricing solution that synchronizes prices, promotions, and markdowns online and in-store to produce a consistent brand and shopping experience. Clear Demand is the leading innovator in retail pricing solutions with patented science that analyzes historical sales to understand shoppers’ sensitivity to price and generate price and promotion strategies that account for pricing rules, cost changes, and competitor prices to achieve profit and revenue goals.  Architected on big data and delivered through Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Clear Demand’s Intelligent IPMO solution can be administered from a public or private cloud. Clear Demand’s innovations in retail science simplify adoption and use, while allowing retailers to see value in just weeks with more transparency and minimal disruption to existing business. Learn more at

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