Specialty Retailers

Control Your Market through Price

Wide assortments, multiple sales channels, and high service expectations are a part of everyday specialty retailing. Despite these challenges, economic realities remain, such as increased costs, inflation, and financially stressed consumers.

CLEARDEMAND‘s AI Pricing, Promotion, and Markdown deliver a consistent price image that adapts to market and consumer fluctuations. Accurate, integrated forecast ensures that products will be in stock: the results are increased revenue, profitability, and customer loyalty.


Focus On ROI

Typical Improvements 8 - 15% ROI

Regular Price

1 - 7% Sales | 2 - 6% Gross Profit


5 - 10% Sales | 5 - 20% Gross Profit


3 - 5% Sales | 3 - 5% Gross Profit

AI Price and Promotion Planning & Optimization

For Specialty Retailers

Synchronizes Prices, Promotions, and Markdowns Online and In-store to Produce a Consistent Experience

Chess Pieces Boxing

Beat The Competition

Don't let general retailers take your market. Set and execute your competitive price strategies that resonate with your local markets.

Enhance Rules Management

Manage all the rule complexities across your assortment, keep them up to date as the market changes, and understand the trade-offs and opportunities driven by rule decisions.

Price For Your Customers

Use AI and machine learning to set prices by knowing what products and prices matter to your customers, how prices effect buying decisions, and how those change over time.

Promote Intelligently

Understand the lift, revenue, units and profits for your promotions and vehicles before making a final decision.

Avoid Inventory Issues

Ensure supply will meet demand by integrating the promotional demand forecast into your replenishment and ordering systems.

Maximize Profit and Revenue

Find that sweet spot between maximum revenue and maximum profit for every item.


Accelerate Your Pricing Maturity

Intelligent Price Management and Optimization is increasing in importance for omnichannel retailers in light of current developments. Legacy processes that rely on spreadsheets and rules of thumb no longer meet the challenge. 

No matter how proficient a retailer is in their pricing maturity, they can take steps to improve their profit, revenue, and competitive position. 

This guide from Clear Demand outlines the path to optimization for sustained profitability in today’s highly dynamic marketplace.