Knowing what customers want and who you really compete with is key

Avoid a race to the bottom. Compete where you must, maintain price image, protect your brand and generate profits strategically. OmniChannel Demand Management – analyze and manage cross-channel consumer demand and competition.

Compete More Effectively

Clear Demand’s mission is to help retailers compete more effectively. From the pioneers in demand management, we bring our clients one platform which leverages big data analytics and evolved price optimization so your shoppers see one retail enterprise, consistently.

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Retail Pricing Strategy.  Meet Mary and Learn How She Decides Strategy.


As a Director of Pricing, Mary is struggling with her retail pricing strategy. Marys’ struggles, however, are familiar themes across retail today, like ‘getting shoppers in her stores and still driving profits’. So what’s Mary to do? More work, late nights? More status quo, or is it time to take pricing innovation for a test drive? 


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Why Innovate Now?

More knowledge and the tools you need to compete!

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Why Clear Demand?

Pricing Pioneers on a mission: help retailers compete more effectively.

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Spend 20 minutes for clarity on how you can compete more effectively.

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