Get a Bird’s Eye View on the Price Image your Customers Will Trust

Empower your business with cutting-edge data analytics tools that deliver precise insights for crafting winning pricing and promotion strategies.
CLEARDEMAND offers an acclaimed omni channel pricing solution that harmonizes prices, promotions, and markdowns across online and in-store channels, resulting in a unified brand and shopping experience.
Gain effortless intelligence and measurable value within weeks. Share a data sample with us and we’ll show you how to multiply your profits. 

Let us do the work for you!

A Trusted Leader in Intelligent Price Management & Optimization (IPMO) Solutions

Gain Buying Insights, Robust Reporting and Predictive Analytics

Maximize Sales and Profits & Avoid Down-Time

Get Daily Alerts on Product Demand and New Promotions


Get daily alerts on product demand, supplier incentives, and new promotions, including in-store display locations and markdown pricing
Locate opportunity gaps at-a-glance with easy-to-use data and visualization tools
Run your  job like clockwork and create time to live life
Have better ways to communicate to your superiors
Gain buying insights, robust reporting and predictive analytics
Maximize sales and profit with hundreds of data sources at your fingertips
Build an advantage over your competitors

Trusted By Fortune 500 Retailers Since 2009

Clear Demand Ebook

Chart Your Path to Pricing Optimization

This industry guide will assist retailers, grocery and convenience stores in planning how best to respond to inflationary pressures and optimize for better results.

Our Core Values

CLEARDEMAND is an employee-owned world-class organization working collaboratively with customers to deliver pricing solutions that achieve greater profits and revenues. Our culture is built on five core values that we constantly strive for. They are the pillars of everything we deliver.


James Sills, Ph.D.

President & CEO

Jim Sills has extensive industry experience spanning 25 years and a proven track record building companies that deliver leading software solutions for retail...

Brent Lippman

Executive Chairman

Brent is a serial entrepreneur who has created over $1 billion of shareholder value while serving as CEO for three software companies...

Adam N. Rosenberg, Ph.D.

Chief Science Officer

Adam Rosenberg has 30 years of mathematical decision-support expertise in various industries...

Suzanne Bowers

VP, Global Sales

Suzanne brings vast experience to Clear Demand as an experienced Account Executive that has been marketing solutions...

Blake Chavis

VP, Sales

Blake Chavis has over a decade of experience providing strategic vision to SMB, Mid-Size, and Fortune 500 organizations during Software as a Service evaluations...

David Martin

VP, Science

David’s background and experience in data science is broad and deep...

Sarah Stockton

VP, Product Management

Sarah Stockton has over a decade of experience in pricing across several industries including retail, airline, and rental equipment...

Don Webster

VP, Engineering

Don is responsible for establishing Clear Demand as a market leader in current and next generation technologies...


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