Clear Demand Promotion Pricing

Deliver comprehensive promotional planning and forecasting across channels and use evolved promotion optimization to drive sustainable results.

Clear Demand Promotion Pricing delivers a comprehensive solution for promotional planning and forecasting across channels so retailers can meet specific competitive pricing goals and still execute more profitable promotion plans. Clear Demand takes a “macro and micro” view of promotion planning which recommends categories (macro) and products within those categories (micro), based on competitive prices together with an analysis of which categories/products hold the greatest opportunity for promotional lift. Clear Demand Promotion Pricing includes a trade promotion management capability and provides a single unified promotional calendar with planned events across categories and their forecasted impact.

Clear Demand Promotion Pricing is available as a standalone pricing solution or as an integrated component of a complete “lifecycle” pricing solution and consists of:

Single Enterprise Rules Architecture. Clear Demand was the first to pioneer a single Omni-Channel (mobile, online, in-store) rules architecture, so retailers have the opportunity to use one pricing environment and shoppers see “one company”.

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Competitive Pricing Management. Clear Demand automates competitive price comparisons, and alerts merchants when existing prices deviate from competitive pricing rules. This is combined with an industry-first competitive cross-elasticity model for a dynamic competitive pricing solution.

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Merchandise Analytics. Clear Demand uses an integrated business intelligence capability from Tableau® which provides visibility into sensitive items, competitive pricing and revenue opportunities, and other business insights with interactive and drill-down tools.

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Compliant Optimization. Clear Demand uses an evolved optimization which constrains prices with retailers’ rules for competition, margin, product line relationships and others and minimizes or eliminates pricing rules violations.

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Big Data Platform. Clear Demand was the first to architect a pricing platform from the ground- up on Big Data so retailers can quickly capture and analyze data from any source – store, online, mobile, social media, loyalty programs and weave a consistent and competitive pricing strategy.

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Promotion Pricing Strategy: Part of Clear Demand’s Complete Lifecycle Pricing Solution

Deliver a comprehensive promotional planning and forecasting across channels.

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