Convenience Store (C-Store) Retailers

Thrive Through Price and Promotions

Price optimization is crucial for convenience stores’ success, strategically setting prices to maximize profits and customer loyalty in a dynamic market.

CLEARDEMAND provides a competitive edge, attracting and retaining customers while streamlining operations. It enables quick adaptation to market trends, efficient inventory management, and data-driven decision-making.

The result – fair and competitive pricing that fosters customer satisfaction, positive experiences, and return visits.

Focus On ROI

Typical Improvements 8 - 15% ROI

Regular Price

1 - 7% Sales | 2 - 6% Gross Profit


5 - 10% Sales | 5 - 20% Gross Profit


3 - 5% Sales | 3 - 5% Gross Profit

AI Price and Promotion Planning & Optimization

For Convenience Store Retailers

Synchronizes Prices and Promotions to Optimize Your Entire Store

Simplify Tobacco Pricing

Handle complicated industry rules and regulations such as state and local minimums, brand parity, penny profit, and pack to carton relationships while seamlessly integrating with Altria and R.J. Reynolds systems.

Loyalty Fund Program (LFP) Pricing

Set two-pack pricing and multi-carton discount pricing for supported Loyalty Fund Programs (LFP) and other self-funding programs that you have

Elevate Cold Vault and Food Service Pricing

Boost the revenue and profitability of your fastest-growing, pivotal categories by executing well-informed pricing and promotional strategies.

Price Locally For Your Market

Define prices for every category at a zone or store level to ensure you are competitively priced for the market.

Add AI to Pricing Decisions

Apply AI and machine learning to analyze how your customers react to prices and price changes across your entire product category. Explore how affinities and cannibalization among items can be leveraged to enhance sales.

Promote Intelligently

Understand the lift, revenue, units and profits for your promotions and vehicles before making a final decision.

Avoid Stockouts and Overages

Ensure supply will meet demand by integrating the promotional demand forecast into your replenishment and ordering systems.

Maximize Profit and Revenue of Every Store

Find that sweet spot between maximum revenue and maximum profit for every item at every store.


Power Up Your C-Store

Inflation places Convenience Store operators in a challenging environment where inside sales are more crucial than ever. Now is the time to leverage intelligent price management and optimization to build baskets and keep customers returning for their favorite products.

Pricing Tobacco Products Doesn't Have to Suck!

Use CLEARDEMAND to manage intricate industry rules and regulations, including state and local minimums, brand parity, penny profit, and pack-to-carton relationships, all while seamlessly integrating with Altria and R.J. Reynolds systems.

R.J. Reynolds
and Altria Integration

Our solutions come with pre-established integration with Altria and R.J. Reynolds. Furthermore, we extend this integration seamlessly to retailers’ POS systems.

These integrated workflows empower you to efficiently handle localized pricing, process rebates, and secure buy downs for your business, saving time and ensuring greater accuracy.

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