CLEARDEMAND‘s machine learning is enabled by its cloud deployment and solution architecture, which equips users with the massively parallel processing power and reliable infrastructure needed to respond to fast-changing market conditions.

The game has changed due to competition from digital retailers, along with the challenge of aligning physical and digital store prices at a faster pace.

Harnessing Cloud-Based Scalability

CLEARDEMAND's current application is deployed in the Cloud, also known as "Software as a Service" (SaaS). This allows for work distribution across multiple services, ensuring linear processing performance and scalability.
With the Cloud's reliability and elasticity, CLEARDEMAND offers unlimited scalability to accommodate retailers of any size. Deploying CLEARDEMAND in the Cloud allows for quick implementation, cost savings, and improved performance. Unlike competing solutions that rely on existing hardware, our design enables us to rent machines as needed.

Unleashing Near Real-Time Analytics

Over the past 15-20 years, pricing systems have witnessed a significant increase in the number of records they handle. Early systems relied on limited data, processed in batches, and relied on imprecise rules. However, today's requirements demand petabyte-scale capabilities, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down.
CLEARDEMAND offers near-real-time analytics, empowering stores to compete with agile online retailers without engaging in a detrimental "race to the bottom." The solution enables retailers to establish boundaries to prevent selling below cost and utilizes optimization algorithms to compensate for margin differences on other products.

Transforming Pricing Strategies

In today's complex and rapidly evolving pricing landscape, traditional price management approaches are no longer sufficient. CLEARDEMAND introduces "intelligent price management" powered by Machine Learning, which establishes boundaries and guidelines for effective pricing strategies.

With real-time analytics and Cloud elasticity, analysts can instantly test prices and adapt to various scenarios. This flexibility is crucial for evaluating trade deals, making dynamic adjustments, and ensuring a seamless pricing experience. CLEARDEMAND offers a user-friendly interface with powerful promotional tools.

Streamlining B2B Processing

CLEARDEMAND revolutionizes business-to-business processing by seamlessly integrating with fast-paced Cloud-based systems. Our defined interfaces enable effortless communication over the internet, overcoming the limitations of outdated EDI protocols.
A prime example of our capabilities is the successful implementation of a fully integrated markdown solution with a major retailer using Web service automation. Through web services, the retailer's system effortlessly sends data to CLEARDEMAND, which swiftly processes and returns the results. It's a harmonious dance that streamlines and automates business operations with ease.

Built on Advanced Science and Engineered for Optimal Results

CLEARDEMAND Price Optimization

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