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While you may already have established processes and systems, strategic analysis is essential to maximize the return on those investments and deliver tangible value.
The journey to value commences with a meticulous analysis of your existing data set, which unlocks opportunities to enhance price image, foster customer loyalty, and optimize margins.

Store-Zone Clustering

Utilize data-driven insights to analyze sales data and demand patterns throughout your retail chain. Identify store clusters that align with localized demand patterns, enabling you to implement targeted pricing strategies. Our process includes a comprehensive benefit analysis that quantifies the potential increase in profit and revenue you can expect to achieve.

Category Role Assignment

Conduct comprehensive analysis of sales data and demand patterns, taking into account relevant metrics such as competitive pricing, gross margin percentage, promotional activities, and more. Based on these insights, provide strategic recommendations for product groupings aligned with specific category strategies, including traffic generation, turf protection, profit generation, and other factors that align with customer demand.

Key Value Item (KVI) Identification

Leverage sales data analysis to uncover the sensitivity of individual items to price changes. Provide recommendations for price adjustments that align with various metrics, such as competitive pricing, profit, and revenue goals. Identify and categorize Known Value Items within your product assortment based on their impact on price image and customer loyalty. Establish rules and guidelines for each group. Highlight key items that significantly influence margins and contribute to overall brand image.

Product Line Optimization

Conduct a thorough analysis of item-level data to identify any gaps in private label offerings, assess product line relationships (such as good, better, best), and identify gaps in competitive pricing. Provide recommendations on necessary changes to ensure product parity and maintain appropriate price relationships.

Market Price Indexing

Utilize sales data analysis to determine the price index for each product within its specific geographic market area (zone). Identify products that deviate from their market-level price index and recommend suitable price adjustments to ensure consistency.


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