As pioneers in delivering a groundbreaking OmniChannel pricing solution for the global retail industry, our approach at CLEARDEMAND is to embrace alliances that encompass both inclusivity and strategic vision. In an era where innovation is reshaping the industry, our partners hold a vital position, just as they do for us.

We are honored to be aligned with a distinguished group of companies who not only contribute significantly to our present success but also hold immense potential in shaping the future of retail.

Together, we are dedicated to our mission of empowering retailers to compete with enhanced effectiveness.


Grocery Retail

NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) is the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, turning everyday interactions with businesses into exceptional experiences. With its software, hardware, and portfolio of services, NCR enables nearly 550 million transactions daily across the financial, retail, hospitality, travel, telecom and technology industries. Through an integration of NCR’s retail merchandising solution, NCR Power HQ, and Clear Demand’s price and promotion optimization solutions, retailers can now optimize retail pricing strategies, plan promotions that drive traffic without eroding margins, and compete more effectively and profitably.


Retail & CPG Consultancy

 Founded in 1976, Willard Bishop/Inmar has established themselves as retail and CPG industry experts. One of their competencies is crafting pricing and merchandising strategies which leverage shopper analytics. Willard Bishop works in conjunction with Clear Demand by providing strategy services which help maximize the value created from Clear Demand’s pricing solutions

Competitive Price Data

Market Data

 Nielsen is a global leader in retail measurement services. Their purchasing data offers comprehensive and timely information on market shares, competitive sales volumes and insights into distribution, pricing, merchandising and promotion. Clear Demand has direct and unencumbered access to Nielsen pricing, market, and product attribute data and is the only pricing solution that is part of their Connected Partner program.

Competitive Price Intelligence

 QL2 Software is the leading on-demand data access platform provider that delivers the right data in the right format at the right time. Organizations that depend on market information as part of their commerce strategy rely on QL2 to gain vital access to quantitative data on products and markets.  QL2 works in conjunction with Clear Demand by providing the competitive prices used in Clear Demand’s pricing solutions so retailers can compete more effectively.

Competitive Price Intelligence

Engage3’s omni-channel competitive intelligence SaaS platform, MissionControl™, improves CPG companies’ competitive visibility and maximizes their ROI. MissionControl is a breakthrough competitive intelligence platform which automates and accelerates the collection of competitive pricing data, while delivering higher levels of accuracy. Engage3’ competitive pricing data is processed by Clear Demand’s lifecycle pricing platform to improve competitive price response and consistency.

Technology Platform

Merchandise Analytics

Tableau makes databases and spreadsheets understandable by providing rich analytics and data visualizations, with unique drag and drop capabilities to accelerate the “speed to insight”. Tableau has been integrated with Clear Demand’s pricing solutions to provide transparency into price recommendations and exception-based insights into merchandising opportunities.

Big Data (base)

One of the leading technologies in the big data space, MongoDB is an open source NoSQL scalable distributed database, focused on storage and efficient retrieval of data, ideally suited to the real-time or near real-time requirements of OmniChannel retailing. MongoDB is integrated with Clear Demand’s pricing solutions.

Corporate Data & Analytics

Ereteam is a leading IT consulting organization serving European and Asian markets. This one-stop-shop provides for all corporate Data & Analytics needs serving banking, insurance, retail, telco, pharma and public sectors. Ereteam implements innovative and disruptive technologies to solve Big Data and Business Optimization problems for their customers. Working with best-in-class software organizations, they help clients select and implement software tools and proven best practices. End-to-end services include technical implementation, training, and production support.