Tobacco Pricing Solutions (TPS)


It is estimated that the retail tobacco industry loses an average of $300 million annually in revenue, profits and retailer paid allowances due to the complex management of compliance requirements and manual entry. The growing trend of localization of multi-tiered buydowns adds value in pricing options for retailers but also increases the complexity in managing buydown allowance payment and promotional performance execution and tracking.

“I lost out on a $100k buydown check because my price was off by one penny. With Clear Demand, that doesn’t happen anymore”– Top 10 Tobacco Retailer

Clear Demand’s integrated Tobacco Pricing Solution (TPS) is the only product that seamlessly integrates the synchronization of retail scan, store, product, and buydown pricing information between Altria’s Price Promotion API and tobacco retailer’s POS and pricing systems.  In addition to system synchronization, Clear Demand’s comprehensive science allows tobacco retailers to easily manage complicated industry rules and regulations such as state and local minimums, brand parity, penny profit, and pack to carton relationships. This automated approach saves tobacco retailers countless hours of manual work.

“What used to take us 2 weeks a month, now takes a couple hours. Our Pricing team has more time to make strategic decisions instead of being bogged down with manual changes.”– Top 10 Tobacco Retailer

Tobacco retailers who implement Clear Demand’s Tobacco Pricing Solution:

  • Spend less time making manual price changes and have more time to make strategic business decisions.
  • Achieve regulatory compliance resulting in maximum profit and rebate realization.
  • Have visibility to all business rules and can easily adjust settings to accommodate regulatory or strategic changes.

The results are clear. Contact us today to see how we can help you make sense of your tobacco pricing.

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