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Clear Demand, working with Altria and a major tobacco retailer has created an integrated Tobacco Pricing Solution (TPS) that seamlessly automates the accurate synchronization of retail scan, store, product, and pricing information for critical data between Altria’s Price Promotion API and tobacco retailer’s POS and pricing systems.

Clear Demand’s SaaS product addresses the growing complexities and localization of buydown dollars, integration, and automation between tobacco manufacturer and retailer.  The results for retailers:

  • Improved program and pricing execution, monitoring, management, and compliance that will contribute to revenue and profit growth management. Compliance benefits are applicable to both state regulatory and manufacturer pricing performance/buydown allowance requirements.
  • Provides retailer’s and manufacturer’s rules-based buydown allowance and promotional pricing management down to detail of sub-state, zone, store level, penny profit, multi-pack, state minimums, and EDLP pricing and compliance.

Tobacco Pricing Solutions (TPS) is the only application capable of providing enterprise and independent retailer integration and automation in such detail.

It is estimated that the retail tobacco industry loses an average of $300 million annually in revenue, profits and retailer paid allowances due to the complexity of management specific to compliance requirements and manual entry. Recently, the growing trend of localization of multi-tiered buydowns is adding great value in pricing options for retailers but is also adding to the complexity of managing buydown allowance payment and promotional performance execution and tracking.

Clear Demand’s deep integration and automation with Altria’s Price Promotion API and retailer’s POS and Pricebook systems assures trading partners of seamless data integration and management for best-in-class operations and results.  Clear Demand, in addition to offering pricing products for regular pricing, promotional pricing and tobacco pricing offers professional services and expertise in retail data science.

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